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Yoann is a dancer, performer and a Tamalpa Institute graduate interested in the power of expressive arts as a way to reveal what intimately “moves” us as humans. After studying in the D.A.N.C.E program, Yoann has worked as a dancer for many choreographers including Pierre Droulers, William Forsythe, Carolyn Carlson, Thierry De Mey, Joanne Leighton, Christophe Haleb, Stefan Dreher and Julyenn Hamilton with whom he studies the art of improvisation. Looking for new ways to express himself, Yoann also studies clown work that opens him up to new performative territories as well as Non-Violent Communication, offering new perspectives on inter-relational life and groups dynamics. In 2012, his interest to bridge the personal with art brought him to the Tamalpa Institute in California. Today Yoann is orienting his artistic work around improvisation and performative play in a life/art dimension and is developing movement workshops and communication trainings in France and abroad.

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