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Application and Registration Procedure: Level 1 Trainings

1. Submit an online Level 1 Application Form and pay the $75 non-refundable application fee. You may pay your application fee using any of the following methods:

  1. Check: Mail a check in US dollars made out to Tamalpa Institute to the address below.
  2. Credit Card: Contact our office via phone (415-457-8555), fax (415-457-7960) or post (see address below) with the following information:
    - Credit Card #
    - Expiration Date
    - V-code
    - Name as shown on card
    Note: All fees reflect cash discount of 6%, credit card users must pay 6% more than the stated fees.
  3. Bank Wire Transfer: Email the Tamalpa Office for bank wire information. Note: Tamalpa charges a $15 service fee per bank wire transfer.
  4. PayPal: Click on the button below to pay your application fee using PayPal. Note: Tamalpa Institute charges a 4% processing fee for payments made through PayPal.

2. Prepare an application packet containing the following items:

  1. An autobiographical essay – maximum of 4 typewritten pages.  Handwritten essays will not be accepted.  Please address the following items in your essay:
    1. Write a brief autobiography describing your background, interests and any relevant highlights of your life.
    2. Describe your current personal and professional goals.
    3. How do you want to apply the training in the Tamalpa Life/Art Process to your personal and professional life?
    4. What specific life issues or themes are you currently working with that you would like to explore within the context of the training?
    5. What do you imagine your strengths and challenges to be in a group learning environment?
    6. How did you hear about Tamalpa Institute?
  1. Two letters of recommendation. Please send signed copies of the letters or have your references email their letters directly to us at info@tamalpa.org. Handwritten letters will not be accepted. Letters of recommendation must be from teachers, therapists, employers, or other professional relationships only. Letters from friends or family members will not be accepted.
  2. A full-length photograph of yourself.
  3. Proof of high school diploma or the equivalent. This can include the transcript or diploma from secondary school or college.
  4. International Students: If English is your second language you must provide proof that you have English proficiency.

Before sending your application packet to Tamalpa Institute, please read our Deposit, Cancellation and Refund Policies.

*For application deadline dates, please see our Calendar.

Email your complete application packet to the Tamalpa Office
or mail to: 
       Tamalpa Institute
                        734 A Street
                        San Rafael, CA 94901

Upon Receipt of your Complete Application Information at Tamalpa - including ApplicationForm, Application Fee and Application Packet
Immersion Format: If you are applying for the Level 1 Immersion training program that begins in September and Tamalpa receives your application by the early registration deadline in April, Tamalpa will review your packet and respond to you by mid-June; if your application packet is received after the early registration date, we will respond to you by the end of July. Please note that we give priority to Level 1 immersion applicants from out of state and to international applicants. Local residents are encouraged to apply for the weekend format of our training program.

Weekend Format: If you are applying for the Level 1 Weekend training program that begins in April and Tamalpa receives your application by the early registration deadline in February, Tamalpa will review your packet and respond to you by the end of February; if your application packet is received after the early registration date, we will respond to you by the middle of March.

As part of our application review process, you may be asked to participate in an interview with a member of our Admissions Committee. If you are a local resident, we will ask you to come into the office for an in-person interview. If it is not possible for you to meet with us in person, the interview will take place over Skype or by phone. Typically, we will only ask applicants to participate in an interview if we have a question about something in your autobiographical essay or when we need more information to determine if the Tamalpa training is the right match for you.

If your application is approved you will receive an email informing you of your acceptance followed by other logistical information.

Note To International Students

Tamalpa Institute is approved by the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for issuance of M-1 vocational student visas for Immersion Format training only (Level 1 and Level 2). When we receive your training program deposit, we will send you a student visa application. You will need to contact your local American embassy/consulate to arrange for a visa interview. Please allow at least 3 months to apply for your visa. You must be proficient in the English language to attend this program. We do not provide instruction in ESL (English as a Second Language). This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant foreign students.

Notes To Applicants
It is required that you read Daria Halprin's book, The Expressive Body in Life, Art and Therapy, prior to the training program. We strongly recommend that this book and/or a Tamalpa Experience workshop is completed before applying for the program.

Please make and keep copies of ALL records that you email, mail, or hand-deliver to Tamalpa Institute, including letters of recommendation. With regards to letters of recommendation, we suggest that you request an additional copy for your own records. Tamalpa is not responsible for keeping your records.

Housing & Accommodation
Upon registration, students receive a local housing directory containing a list of possible housing opportunities in Marin County. Tamalpa Institute is not responsible for your housing. It is the studentís responsibility to contact and set up their housing situation. The housing list is to assist you as much as possible with your housing needs during your studies at the Institute. Tamalpa Institute does not have any affiliation, written or verbal agreements with the people listed in our housing list. The current cost of renting a room in Marin County can range from $600 - $1300 per month.

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